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You can find the required inputs (PS, Us) by clicking here.
Please use the "Maximum Power Disspiation" rating for your CPU.
This formula works with any kind of CPU as long as you have got the specifications at default speed.
Required for
power output
 PS  Power Output of non-overclocked CPU
 FS  Speed of non-overclocked CPU (in Mhz)
 F0  Speed of overclocked CPU (in Mhz)
 Us  Default Voltage
 U0  Voltage of the overclocked CPU
Required for
C/W rating
 Case Temp  Measured in degrees Celcius
 CPU Temp  Measured in degrees Celcius
Result  Po  Power usage of the overclocked CPU
 C/W Rating  C/W Rating of the heatsink
Credits on power calculation part goes to the original author, Tillmann Steinbrecher(the owner of The Heatsink Guide). The original article can be found here.
This java application was reproduced by mird-OC from a spreadsheet created by Hans Chung and is provided as is, the owners will not accept any damaged caused by using this program.